Are you exhausted from taking care of everyone in your life?

Do you feel like the vibrant woman you once were has withered into the daily routine of child care, extracurricular activities, PTA meetings, and grocery store runs? It seems like people contact you only when they need HELP! You know what I mean…the friends who need you to watch their kids, the Mother’s Day out group you host, the co-worker who complains about her in-laws without asking how YOU are.

Maybe your spouse is emotionally abusive or disconnected and constantly treats you like you don’t matter. You are left feeling dismissed and devalued. Worthless. It seems like all of your relationships are based on YOUR willingness to sacrifice for THEM. You see the pattern; you feel like a doormat! You have become THE GOOD WIFE!

Yet, you don’t know how to create new behaviors in your life. You’ve read the books on boundaries; you’ve been to therapy and you KNOW your tendencies.

I understand the struggle

I’ve been there. Lost in the merry-go-round of pleasing others, but confused about how to please yourself. You’re out of touch with your passions. Nothing you do is ever good enough. You’re stressed, anxious, and overwhelmed. The truth is, your life is out of control. Your relationships are not satisfying. You long for more.

Eight years ago, I woke up into my own turmoil. For a long time, I blamed the way I felt about myself on others. “If he was a better husband, I’d be happy.” “If my family really knew me, they would understand.” I went to therapy and it helped uncover dysfunctional relationship behaviors. But therapy did not teach me a healthier way of relating to myself and others….

Perhaps you’re going through a separation or divorce. Maybe your relationship is not as strong as it once was. Or maybe you simply want to rediscover that part of you that gets buried under day to day life.

I’m here to help. If you feel alone and you’re tired of living small, click here to LEARN MORE!