Hey I’m Anita

I’m a passionate pursuer of possibility. I grew up with few opportunities for expansion and self-discovery. By age 23, I was a full-time wife and mother. I thought I knew what was important; I thought I knew myself. After nearly 20 years of focusing on the needs and feelings of others, I woke up to an unrecognizable life. I felt small, lost, and alone. I wanted more from myself and my relationships. I wanted to be the real me. I wanted to find my voice.

I desperately wanted to change old behaviors yet remained in relationships that smothered my voice, made me feel used, and unimportant. I struggled to untangle the patterns and discover my identity. I was emotionally shut down and unable to connect with myself.

At the same time, I was diagnosed with an auto-immune condition. I experienced what anyone else goes through when they have a health scare, many visits to the doctors and a lot of fear. I asked questions, did my research, and ended up working with a naturopath I believed in. I changed my diet and the way I lived. I dropped the weight of a person hiding from the world and literally became a new person!

In time, I discovered the most harmful relationship was the one I had with myself. Seeing through the dense fog of ‘not good enough’ took a toll on my life. So, I set out on a new adventure designed to lead me to the heart of who I am.

What I found is a joyful, creative, empathetic woman who loves to help other women! I will teach you how to unearth the vibrant woman inside. I will help you relate to others in a healthier way. I will walk alongside you as your transformation progresses.

I’m finished with hiding and staying small! I’m living a life of passion, love, and purpose! You deserve so much more….you ARE so much more! Join me on the JOURNEY!


  • Teaching how to stay connected in relationships thru difficulties
  • Calming anxiety & quieting perfectionism
  • Rebuilding your life post-separation, divorce, or emotional abuse
  • How to set & use boundaries
  • Learning to communicate assertively instead of hiding your voice
  • How to increase self-awareness & tune into your relationships


  • Natural health & everything auto-immune
  • Connection between physical, emotional, spiritual & relationship wellness
  • Meditation & mindfulness
  • Creative self-expression

 Images by Abe Khamis

Whenever you buy a book on Amazon from a site link, I get a small percentage of its price. This helps support me by offsetting a fraction of what it takes to maintain my work and is very much appreciated. Thank you!