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About Anita

I’m a human on a healing journey

Anita Martin M.S., LCSW

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with experience providing residential dual diagnosis treatment to patients struggling with substance use, complex trauma, relational problems, chronic illness, and mental health issues. Most recently I worked closely with patients experiencing the emotional journey of cancer diagnosis & treatment. 

I began my professional career in small business where I worked with educators, families, and children impacted by Autism Spectrum Diagnoses. The experiences I had inspired me to pursue graduate studies in clinical therapy. 

Prior to co-running a family business, I was an at home mom and wife. It was my experiences in these roles that piqued my passion for helping women navigate motherhood, marriage, family dynamics, and professional responsibilities. I have a deep understanding of the challenges women face whether single, partnered, or raising a family. In a world that says we can have it all maintaining a strong sense of identity, personal boundaries, and self-care is imperative.  

I hold a bachelor’s degree from Lipscomb University and a graduate degree from The University of Tennessee in clinical social work. I am certified and experienced in Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Brainspotting Somatic Therapy, and Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with family and friends, playing with my doggie, and exploring creative activities.


Professional Coursework

The University of Tennessee, Knoxville | Summa Cum Laude 05/2015
Master of Science in Social Work | Clinical Concentration
Lipscomb University, Nashville | Magna Cum Laude 08/2013
Bachelor of Social Work | Psychology Minor

Brainspotting Trauma Treatment Phase I Training (21 Hours) 11/2021
Telehealth Practice: Getting Ready for the New Normal (3 Hours) 09/2021
Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy & Trauma Treatment (1 Hour) 04/2021
Distance Therapy: Keys to Ethical & Legal Practice (3 Hours) 07/2020
Responding to Ethics in Health Care (3 Hours) 06/2020
Depression in Cancer Patients (2 Hours) 06/2020
Anxiety & Distress in Cancer Adjustment (2 Hours) 06/2020
End of Life Care in Advanced Cancer (2 Hours) 06/2020
Communication in Cancer Care (1 Hour) 06/2020
Field Supervisory Training (3 Hours) 01/2020
LCSW Exam Preparation Course (15 Hours) 12/2019
Dialectical Behavior Therapy Certificate (25.25 Hours) 02/2019
Internal Family Systems (3 Hours) 01/2019
Understanding Culture and the Mistreatment of Elders (2 Hours) 12/2018
NASW Code of Ethics (1 Hour) 12/2018
Psychotherapeutic Approaches (7.5 Hours) 08/2018
Spirituality, Neuroscience & Narrative: Becoming Fully Human (3 Hours) 05/2018
Mindfulness Training & Facilitation at Vanderbilt (30 Hours) 08/2017
HIPAA Privacy Rule (2 Hours) 08/2017
Ethics Do Matter (1 Hour) 08/2017
Home Care Management (2 Hours) 07/2016
Gestalt Therapy (6 Hours) 04/2016
LMSW Exam Preparation (15 Hours) 02/2016
Attachment Disorders in Treating Trauma (1.5 Hours) 08/2015
Suicide Prevention Training (2.5 Hours) 04/2015
Trauma Focused CBT (10 Hours) 01/2015
Ethical and Clinical Perspectives on Difficult Conversations (3 Hours) 10/2014
Darkness to Light Sexual Abuse Training (3 Hours)

Licensed Clinical Social Worker (7295) 05/2020

Licensed Master Social Worker (10511, Retired) 04/2016

I’ve been where you are…

The anxiety is overwhelming. You’re struggling to stay motivated. You feel lost, disconnected, and stuck. You should be happy. Your life looks perfect on Instagram and Facebook, but there’s something deep inside telling you there’s more.

You have a trauma history and don’t know how to begin moving out of survival and into re-claiming the life that was hijacked all those years ago. 

You’re a creative & highly sensitive person. You feel deeply; you know it’s a gift. But, it’s challenging and you don’t know how to set boundaries, incorporate deep self-care, and honor your creativity.

Your career leaves you exhausted, frustrated, and unfulfilled. You’re in a life transition that is revealing negative beliefs about yourself & others. 

Maybe your relationship isn’t as vibrant as it once was. You and your partner seem to be in a constant misunderstanding. Maybe you’re newly divorced and struggling to find your identity, navigate co-parenting, and dating. 

Addiction is stealing the best parts of life from you. All you think about is the next time you drink, eat, work, or find a relationship. 

It doesn’t have to be like this! You can learn to respond to life’s challenges in a healthy, empowered way!


“I am not my trauma.


“Because you heard me and my story, I am beginning
to hear myself.”


“The way you connect with your clients
is a gift.”


“Few therapists empowered me to find my voice; your passion & authenticity is evident.”


“You are the first person to see my value in spite
of the mistakes I have made.”


“Sobriety is so damn wonderful! I had forgotten that
peace and joy were possible!”



Codependency is, at the heart self-betrayal. It is caring for others to the point of self-neglect; it’s approval seeking hidden under the guise of helping others.

Trauma & Abuse

Recovery from narcissistic abuse, emotional & physical harm, and dysfunctional family dynamics (Adverse Childhood Experiences) is possible.


Anxiety is similar to other “negative” emotions in that it is a normal human experience of fear. Excessive anxiety can stem from many things including trauma, perfectionistic patterns

I’m ready to book a session! What happens next?

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2. Discuss your needs & evaluate professional fit.

3. Take 24 hours to reflect & decide if comfortable moving forward.

4. Schedule the intake session.

Invest in your wellness!