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There is so much loss in a human life. We believe if we are prepared enough, strong enough it
will somehow pass us by. We think we can guard against it, insulate ourselves from the pain 
every human endures. Yet, the day inevitably comes. The knock on the door. The phone call.

The break-up. Unfulfilled dreams.

And then we wonder how we could have prevented it.

We question ourselves; everything we thought we knew. We search for answers. Why?
Then the feelings. Raw. It feels as though you will shatter in a million pieces like broken glass.
Anger, shock, despair, sadness. The river of tears. Wondering if joy will ever again visit or make

its home inside of you.

Healing is slow. Time isn’t the magic balm we crave. Holding ourselves compassionately in our
grief is the way through. Allowing others to encircle us. Making space for our feelings, for our pain. Kindness.

We will breathe again.