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Dear You,

In this moment you’re considering taking the leap into therapy. No matter what is happening in your life there is hope and finding professional help is one step away. 

When I was at this decision point, I felt overwhelmed by both the anxiety of stepping into a healing process and the fear of remaining the same. The idea of living a life of unknown potential and painful relationships was unimaginable and I eventually risked the familiar for growth, discovery, and authenticity. 

Healing is a sacred journey. There will be moments of turning toward various forms of heartbreak and others filled with more joy than you think you can contain. In short, healing is becoming fully human in all its imperfection and learning to witness the beauty contained therein.

Should you choose to work with me, I will meet you where you are. I will be present with you as you do the work of healing and I’ll cheer you on when you think you’ve arrived at the impossible. May you be well!